Top 75+ Frontend Developer Interview Questions and Answers 2023 Updated

Absolute – An absolute element is positioned relative to the nearest parent element. In case a parent element is not present it is positioned based on the page itself and moves along with the page scroll. Higher-order functions are functions that operate on other functions.

  • It’s also worth knowing that the value of `this` can be overwritten with the bind method.
  • Spend at least 2-3 weeks prepping for the systems design interview.
  • Practical career advice that’s relevant at every stage of your career in tech.
  • You should find it very useful, just bear in mind that the design and architecture questions you face will have more of a UI focus.
  • Front end engineer interviews at Facebook are really challenging.
  • This guarantees that everyone on the team is working on the most up-to-date version of the file.
  • CSS selectors are used to select elements in an HTML document.

This interview question will help you gain an understanding of your candidate’s knowledge of the job and what it entails. In JavaScript, functional programming is a programming paradigm mainly designed to handle pure mathematical functions as it focuses on writing more compounded and pure functions. It is used in JavaScript as JavaScript is a multi-paradigm language. In JavaScript, we can easily mix a lot of different paradigms inside a simple piece of JavaScript code.

How well do you understand CSS?

Asking someone to expand on their failures gives you a sense of their willingness to accept responsibility for problems. It’s also a great way of learning about a candidate’s problem-solving skills. Ask how they managed conflict with their teammates and how they contributed to the resolution.

front end developer interview questions

In the object-oriented programming paradigm, Polymorphism is the ability of an action or method to perform different functions based on the object it’s acting upon. Some aspects of Polymorphism include overloading, overriding and dynamic method binding. On top of finding a good fit, you also have the entire hiring process to worry about. You need to organize your hiring pipeline, get the rest of your team involved and provide potential hires with a positive candidate experience.

What is the difference between Git Pull and Git Fetch commands?

JSON is used to send and receive data between the web server and the client, but to send data to the web server, the object needs to be a string. Grids are used in CSS to deal with HTML content after splitting the page into grids. With the help of grids, CSS enables the stacking and highlighting different elements in different parts of the grids. Some great ways to decrease the page load time include image optimization, browser cache, optimizing and compressing content, and adding the stylesheet reference on top. To delete duplicate entries from a JavaScript array, we can use the filter() function or the for loop to store all the repeated elements in an empty array. I took Interview Kickstart after going through many interviews that didn’t work out and couldn’t find the root cause.

  • Organize A hiring flow you can wrap your head around.Collaborate It’s easy for your whole team to join in.Connect Stand out and show candidates who you are.
  • TypeScript also gives compilation errors during development, provides excellent tool support with IntelliSense, and supports strongly typed and static typing.
  • This open-source front-end JavaScript library is primarily used for the front-end development of one-page applications as well as for managing the view layer for mobile and web apps.
  • It’s better to use resetting if you are working on a very unconventional website design and need to create a lot of your style.
  • Another issue developers frequently run into is the ability to make their code ADA compliant.

The marquee effect is created by using HTML tag, which automatically scrolls the text or images up, down, left, or right. It would be great if the candidate has the knowledge and experience of working in any of the Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Most animations and transitions are brought into CSS through JavaScript; another way in which CSS, JavaScript, and HTML are so entwined. You might name an element in CSS and set its parameters with CSS only to process an animation with JavaScript.

Why is the W3c Standard Code needed?

To create a custom error page, you would first need to create a file called “error.php” or “error.html.” Then, you would need to edit the .htaccess file to point to the custom error page. Realistically, every front-end developer should know HTML, even if you’re developing for iOS how to become a front end developer or Android. The important thing is how you react when you make a mistake. Talk about the steps you take to fix mistakes, such as undoing your changes or writing tests. Also, mention how you prevent yourself from making the same mistake twice, such as keeping better documentation.

How do I prepare for a front-end developer interview?

  1. Building from scratch using HTML, CSS, Javascript.
  2. Understanding of Web Foundations.
  3. Understanding the Requirements and Asking Clarifying Questions.
  4. Prioritizing Requirements and Writing Demoeable, Working Code (considering the time constraints)
  5. Writing Clean, Readable and Modular Code.